Nikon D750

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The one that was stolen

24 Megapixel Full frame
I loved my D750. It was stolen with my bag on a train in 2019 (with an older Nikon 105 macro mounted). This was my first full-frame camera and was clearly a step above the D7100 which in theory has the same number of pixels. Of course the camera is more than the number of pixels (see also D90 vs D7100), and helped me to understand that the cameras I use are way above my level.

Just to understand how good this camera is, check out any comparison between this camera and it's follow up Nikon D780, released 5 years apart. They were able to add a touch screen capability to the display, increased the resolution of this display, added bluetooth support and it shoots half a frame faster per second.


As of 2020, a new version would cost about 1'200 and used versions would go for about 800. That is a lot of camera for that price, but I would probably go for new versions at the moment. Notice that at the time of writing the follow up model Nikon D780 costs 2'000 and there is guaranteed not that much difference between the two.

The Good

  • Just about as good as anything can get.
  • Good video capabilities

The problems

  • Even used it is a bit pricey at the moment. Expect this to go down as newer toys become available.
  • The tilt screen is a bit gimmicky and I am always afraid it will break off.

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