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If you have a full frame Nikon camera, this is the only lens you will probably need. It is truly a universal lens. Starts from quite wide and goes quite long and everything in between. It is kind of a let down, you can have this lens, and stop worrying about anything else. This is not a light lens, with the camera, you will be carrying around 1.5kg weight, but if you are travelling and you wonder what you should be taking with you, this solves all your problems.

There is a fair question that needs to be asked, if you buy such a universal zoom is there any point in buying something else? This is really an annoying lens because if you buy it as your first lens, whatever you buy afterwards is going to have a harder time impressing you. On the other hand, if you end up buying it later, it will actually make a lot of your equipment redundant. The problem is, there are no real issues with this lens. As an example, you can not say Nikon 70-300 is better for something than the Nikon 28-300. Similarly the great Nikon 24-70 is technically faster and also quite a bit wider, it is by all accounts a great lens (albeit a very expensive one), but it is really not that much better (and significantly shorter) than the 28-300. So this lens will ruin a lot of other equipment for you.

If you want to compare, this has the same range and mostly the same performance as its APS-C cousin the Nikon 18-200 which can be had (especially used) for much cheaper and is also much lighter.


  • This is as far as I know the only version. Replaced the earlier Nikon 28-200
My Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6D
Price Not really cheap
Weight Heavy, 800g
Good for General purpose for everything
New or used Sells usually for about 450 used, which is (comparatively) overpriced. New is around 900.

This is the universal zoom specifically for the full frame camera. This is why it was made, this lens should only be used on a full frame camera, nothing else.

Please do not use this on a APS-C camera, it will technically work as a 42-450mm zoom. But the Nikon 18-200 covers the same range, is lighter and much cheaper. There is absolutely no point for this lens on a APS-C.


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